about me

Zak Abukar is a Public Relations Strategist.

More specifically, he develops strategies that help people develop their voice to expand their reach on online and offline to better influence entertainment, finance & real estate.

After feeling & being in my job & past relationship ..the “amidst chaos.”
I desired the freedom for self-expression by becoming an expertise in Public Relations.

From the start I was told what is & wasn’t possible by others including family. Never learned my own potential abilities, through the adversity I learned lessons I found self-expression by creating online content.

We all can & should find self-expression, which can allow us to exist with creative freedom. Do you feel like you’re in a cage? Allow me into your life to release your potential well being, of your voice being heard by the masses effectively.

I can help with

discovering who you are and growing your personal brand.

My passion is

helping people reach their potential through community connection and story telling .

“ After being self-employed for over 8 years, Zak helped me realize the true potential in my own personal brand. One that dug deep to the core of who I was and provided invaluable insight on where I really wanted and needed to be. ”

Chrystal Buczak


“ I appreciate the systems Zak had in place to help me create and work on my goals. ”

Esther Lemande

“ Working with Zak has equipped me with the tools I needed to improve and increase my skills in personal development, public speaking, communication and social media marketing strategy. ”

Sharon Fant